3 Expert Tips for Creating Your Own Sand Sculptures

January 10, 2018

Expert sculpters Jill Harris and Thomas Koet of Sandsational Sand Sculpting have returned to Sheraton Waikiki to kick off 2018 with a sculpture that captures the essence of the Aloha Spirit shared here in the islands. Sandsational Sand Sculpting, based out of Melbourne Florida, has been creating awe-inspiring creations at Sheraton Waikiki for over 11 years. They return to Sheraton Waikiki after most recently creating their holiday masterpiece, which featured the “12 Days of Christmas at Sheraton Waikiki,” in a sculpture that was the largest created at Sheraton Waikiki to date standing 60 ft long and 9 ft high.
As 2018 begins, Jill and Thomas have completed their newest sculpture which showcases the Aloha Spirit and  will be featured as a part of Honolulu Museum of Art’s annual exhibition of contemporary art “Contact.”  The exhibit features art that explores the notion of contact as it relates to the Hawaiian Islands, its people, and their experiences. The sculpture, which is made solely of sand and water, showcases the idea that the Aloha spirit has an impact on the people who travel and spend time on the islands.  The largest of the figures, who are giving lei, are meant to represent the people of Hawaii as they share the aloha spirit with each visitor who comes to the islands.  The sculpture then spirals around with people lined up next to each other depicting how this experience is then passed on from one person to another around the world. Ready to try your hand at sand sculpting?  Whether you’re ready to create your own sand sculpture or just trying to perfect your sand castles on the beach, here are the top three tips from our Sandsational Sand Sculpting experts to get you started.

  • Use lots of water.  Make the sand nice and sloppy when you pack it.  It will be easier to sculpt.  Bring a hand sprayer with you to keep it moist while you work.


  • You can use things from the kitchen for sculpting.  A butter knife works well for cutting in to the sand.  You can use a fork for texture and a spoon to help you dig.


  • You are only limited by your imagination.  Try to stack the sand tall and don’t be afraid to try to make a face!
Sandsational Sand Sculpting joins us three times a year to create the exceptional sand art featured in the Sheraton Waikiki lobby.  If you’re planning a trip to Waikiki this summer join us to watch as they sculpt their next creation at the beginning of July.
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