Three Complimentary Cultural Activities That Guests Can Experience at The Royal Hawaiian, a Luxury Collection Resort

October 10, 2018

With more than 90 years of timeless history, The Royal Hawaiian, a Luxury Collection Resort, affectionately known as the Pink Palace of the Pacific, beautifully showcases the beauty of vintage Waikiki and the rich history of Hawaii with a number of interactive and complimentary activities for guests to enjoy on-property.

From a historical tour led by our Cultural Director (and former Royal Hawaiian General Manager) Thelma “Kehaulani” Kam, a brand new fashion exhibit showcasing photographs and illustrations by Matson, and a peaceful Hawaiian sunrise ceremony to begin the day with a refreshing start, there’s so much to explore when you step into the iconic pink property in the heart of Waikiki.

1) Hotel Historical Tour
Every Tuesday and Thursday at 1:00 p.m. (Meet at the Royal Hawaiian Bakery)


Do you know why The Royal Hawaiian was painted pink? Or what celebrities and dignitaries have stayed at the property? Discover fun facts like this and more about the rich history of the Pink Palace of the Pacific during our complimentary walking tour.

2) Matson Fashion Exhibit – Starting October 16
Exhibit located at the Coronet Lounge (next to the Monarch Ballroom). Open to non-hotel guests as well.



Featuring a collection of fashion from 1920s – 1960s, the “Fashion Abroad Matson’s S.S Lurline and The Royal Hawaiian” exhibit will be a vintage fashion program showcasing 46 fashion photographs and illustrations, ranging from cruise attire to bathing suits, cocktail dresses, evening gowns and Hawaiian holoku with a long elegant train.

This is the seventh Matson exhibit at The Royal Hawaiian for Krantz and it will be on display through 2019.

3) Hiu Wai, A Traditional Hawaiian Sunrise Ceremony
Every Friday before sunrise (Meet on Waikiki Beach fronting The Royal Hawaiian).
No reservations are necessary.


Guests staying at The Royal Hawaiian are encouraged to immerse themselves in the healing waters of Waikiki. The ceremony begins with traditional Hawaiian chants as participants line up along the seashore.

We welcome and encourage our guests to wade into the ocean immersing themselves into the calm, beautiful morning water. At their own pace, participants return to shore and join together welcoming the new day with a Hawaiian chant.

This experience is intended to cleanse the body, mind, and spirit helping participants focus their mind toward a greater future.

For more information on all activities and events happening at The Royal Hawaiian visit: or email .


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