Top 5 Ways to Stay Happy, Fit, and Healthy while staying at The Royal Hawaiian

December 28, 2017

Staying healthy while you’re on vacation, isn’t always easy. At the Pink Palace of the Pacific, we help you stay happy and healthy with numerous outdoor activities, wellness experiences, and nutritious drinks. Here are 5 of our top recommendations.

  1. Calming Yoga on the Coconut Grove- Start your morning with a tranquil yoga session on our Coconut Grove, which was once the site of the summer home of Queen Kaahumanu. You will be in complete relaxation mode as our instructor goes through trainings to help relax your mind and body. Yoga in the garden is available to hotel guests every Monday and Thursday at 8 a.m. Non-hotel guests can also participate for a $20 charge. 
  2. Learn to surf Waikiki’s waves with the Waikiki Beach Boys-Surfing in Waikiki is a unique and fun experience: the waves in Waikiki are gentle rollers that offer a smooth, long wave ride. Learn to surf from the experienced and talented Waikiki Beach Services team for either a private or group lesson. For more information, visit 
  3. Calm your soul during Hiu Wai- On Friday, Hiu Wai, a traditional Hawaiian sunrise ceremony takes place on Waikiki Beach fronting the hotel. The ceremony begins with a traditional Hawaiian chant, and guests are encouraged to immerse themselves in the healing waters of Waikiki.The experience is intended to cleanse the body, mind, and spirit, helping participants focus their mind toward a great future. The activity is free to hotel guests. Visit our concierge team for more information.
  4. Spa Treatment at Abhasa Spa- Nestled in the gardens of the Pink Palace, indulge in a relaxing treatment at Abhasa Spa. From classic to local massage styles, traditional tropical facials and more, the spa offers a variety of services to treat yourself this year. Visit for more information.
  5. Top off each experience with freshly squeezed Juices during breakfast hour at the Surf Lanai- Visit us for breakfast at Surf Lanai, and enjoy refreshing local, organic, and freshly squeezed juices for $10. Flavors include carrot, lilikoi (passion fruit), ginger rush, and spirulina. 


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